What Switzerland costs 2021

Where in Switzerland are rents the lowest? How much can you save on household or car insurance? Which canton has the cheapest cars for sale? And when it comes to online marketplaces, what do the Swiss spend the most money on? These questions, and others, are answered by the recent ‘What Switzerland costs’ study by SMG Swiss Marketplace Group. In this study, data from 2021 was collected on real estate, cars, insurance and general marketplaces.

A substantial chunk of Swiss people’s expenditure goes on housing, mobility, insurance, leisure and sport. In its annual ‘What Switzerland costs’ data analysis, the SMG Swiss Marketplace Group revealed its extensive findings on the actual cost of living in Switzerland. As part of this analysis, figures for 2021 were collected from the online platforms ImmoScout24, Homegate, FinanceScout24, AutoScout24, Car For You, MotoScout24, anibis.ch, tutti.ch and Ricardo.

Gilles Despas, CEO von SMG Swiss Marketplace Group.

‘Our platforms give people in Switzerland the opportunity to sell, buy and compare the prices of products quickly and easily. In a pricey country like Switzerland in particular, price transparency is important so that people can keep an eye on the cost of living.’

General marketplaces

What products do people prefer to buy new on marketplaces like anibis.ch, Ricardo and tutti.ch, and what products are they happy to buy second-hand, seeing this as an appealing alternative that’s just as good as buying new? What do they buy, and what do they tend to do without? What motivates people to make a particular decision, and what do they take into consideration as part of this? These were the questions asked by the study – and we now have the answers.

Second-hand market survey 2021

For the second time since 2020, the LINK Institute conducted a study on online second-hand shopping habits on behalf of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group for anibis.ch, Ricardo and tutti.ch. The most recent survey was carried out in December 2021.

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General Online Shopping Trends 2021

Shopping from your sofa and outside opening hours is currently very popular. Between 2008 and 2021, online shopping sales in Switzerland tripled – from about CHF 5 billion to CHF 15 billion per year.

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Secondhand Trends 2021

While clothing is most frequently purchased online as new goods, the most popular categories in the second-hand sector are hobby and leisure articles as well as furniture and furnishings.

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Vehicle market

How much do new cars cost in the canton of Zurich? How much do I need to pay for a used car in the canton of Bern? How much do motorbikes cost in Ticino? The analysis of 2021 data from AutoScout24, Car For You and MotoScout24 shows where sales prices are cheapest – and where they were the most expensive.

Price changes for new and used cars 2021

Over the past two years, the shortage of electronic components has had a huge impact on the car industry. According to Auto Schweiz, 238,481 new cars were registered in 2021. Although that figure is roughly on a par with the previous year, it is more than 20% down on the total in 2019.

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Analysis of new cars 2021

Changes to top 15 new cars: small and compact cars replace SUVs. Rather than averaging the price of all listed vehicles, the price analysis by canton focuses only on the most frequently listed models.

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Analysis of used cars 2021

Top 15 used cars: almost total dominance by German car manufacturers. If we take a closer look at the 15 most listed used vehicles, we see that models produced by German car companies dominated once more.

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Analysis of motorcycles 2021

Low-priced in Uri and expensive in Graubünden. The lowest-priced motorcycles were to be found in the canton of Uri. One of the 15 most popular models could be purchased there for an average of CHF 7,484.

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Insurance policies

When you take out a new car or household insurance policy in Switzerland (or have your existing policy subjected to an annual review), you can save a huge amount of money by comparing providers. This is illustrated by data collected by FinanceScout24, which scrutinised insurance prices.

Compare insurance and save more than CHF 1,000

If you take out new car or household insurance in Switzerland (or are doing an annual policy review), you can enjoy huge savings by comparing providers. This is supported by data collected by FinanceScout24, which has taken a closer look at insurance prices for two example cases.

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Real estate

When you look at real estate prices in Switzerland, the following becomes clear: if you opt for a cheaper location, you can get much more for your money. While a 4.5-room apartment in the canton of Jura cost an average of CHF 516,000 in 2021, this price was more than tripled in Geneva or Zug, coming in at upwards of CHF 1,700,00. These and other interesting findings on the Swiss real estate market are revealed in a comprehensive data analysis conducted by ImmoScout24 and Homegate.

Three apartments in Jura for the price of one in Zug

How much living space can you rent or buy for your money in Switzerland right now? And can you save money by hopping over to a different canton? New data analysis carried out by ImmoScout24 and Homegate answers these questions and more when it comes to the Swiss property market.

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