Price changes for new and used cars 2021


Customers had to dig deeper to afford a vehicle in 2021

Over the past two years, the shortage of electronic components has had a huge impact on the car industry. According to Auto Schweiz, 238,481 new cars were registered in 2021. Although that figure is roughly on a par with the previous year, it is more than 20% down on the total in 2019. What impact has the decline in new registrations had on vehicle prices in Switzerland? Pierre-Alain Regali, Managing Director Automotive at SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, explains: ‘If we look at the average prices of all new cars listed on AutoScout24 and Car For You, we see a rise of about 2% on the previous year.’ And used cars? ‘Because there was a shortage of new cars in 2021, demand for used cars was high. But the ever more limited supply and increased demand has pushed up the price of used cars. Over the past year, the price of a used car has risen by about 5%,’ Regali observes

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