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SMG Swiss Marketplace Group is a digital pioneer that simplifies people’s lives with groundbreaking products. We aim to meet the most demanding user needs with our marketplaces. We provide our customers with the best tools for them to be successful today and in the future.

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Our Purpose & Values

Explore the essence of who we are and what drives us toward a common vision.

We simplify lives by connecting and empowering millions of people to make efficient and informed decisions. We aim to be the international reference for digital marketplaces and an exciting place to work, always seeking excellence while driving sustainable choices.

Better Together

Together we unleash our full potential. We speak openly and commit to the team. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness, trust and fun.

Aim High

We wow our customers. They are our focus. We are bold. We strive for excellence

Act Responsibly

It starts with us. We actively drive society towards more sustainable consumption. We balance today and tomorrow.

Meet our Management

The team that leads the thrilling journey of SMG as a new forward-thinking company that can meet the challenges of the future.

Christoph Tonini

Chief Executive Officer

Boris Gussen

Chief Financial Officer

Jessica List

Chief Corporate Officer

Jessica List

Chief Corporate Officer

Alberto Sanz

Managing Director Automotive

Alberto Sanz

Managing Director Automotive

Martin Waeber

Managing Director Real Estate

Francesco Vass

Managing Director General Marketplaces

Jochen Pernegger

Managing Director Finance & Insurance

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in the month of October on all SMG platforms

Our Network is Global

SMG employs almost 1000 people at various locations; our headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our History and Outlook

While the history of SMG only started recently, its brands have been shaping their markets for years. Find out more about the company’s history and what its future will look like.

Who We Are

We are a pioneering network of online marketplaces and cutting-edge digital company that simplifies people’s lives with innovative products. SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd. provides customers with the best tools to meet their life decision needs. The portfolio includes Real Estate (ImmoScout24, Homegate, Flatfox, alle-immobilien.ch, Immostreet.ch, home.ch, Publimmo, Acheter-Louer.ch, CASASOFT, IAZI), Automotive (AutoScout24, MotoScout24), General Marketplaces (anibis.ch, tutti.ch, Ricardo) and Finance & Insurance (FinanceScout24). The company was founded in November 2021 by TX Group AG, Ringier AG, La Mobilière and General Atlantic.

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