Introducing the EV Hub: Your Ultimate Electric Vehicle Resource


Our Automotive brand AutoScout24 has announced the launch of their EV hub, a high value addition to their magazine designed to support those interested in electric vehicles (EVs) but still exploring the details.

Whether you’re curious, sceptical, or a new Electric Vehicle owner seeking guidance, the AutoScout24 EV hub offers comprehensive and user-friendly information to help you navigate the world of electric mobility with confidence. This hub – a one-stop destination – provides a wealth of information and innovative tools to assist users in their journey towards electric mobility. AutoScout24’s goal is to cater to the evolving needs and expectations within the electric vehicle ecosystem, offering comprehensive resources and user-friendly tools.

Enhancing the Electric Vehicle Experience

The EV hub is designed with the user in mind, providing detailed information on electric mobility and practical tools to simplify your decision, when purchasing an electric vehicle. By addressing common concerns and closing content gaps, AutoScout24 aims to foster greater engagement on our Automotive platform and promote the adoption of electric vehicles. For those who wish to find their information in a more conversational manner, AutoScout24 implemented E-Scouty. But who or what is that?

E-Scouty: Your AI Companion for Electric Vehicle Insights

The GPT-4o powered AI chatbot E-Scouty streamlines the user experience by providing quick access to relevant information from the AutoScout24 blog, enabling users to find answers to their questions efficiently. It assists in determining if an EV suits their lifestyle by offering personalised insights based on individual preferences and usage patterns. Additionally, the chatbot can recommend specific EV models from the AutoScout24 platform that align with the user’s needs, simplifying the decision-making process and ensuring they choose the right vehicle for their unique requirements Available in German, English, French, and Italian, E-Scouty ensures a seamless, multilingual experience and efficient assistance to make informed decisions about transitioning to electric mobility, while enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Power Up Anywhere: Explore Our Convenient Charging Map

One of the standout features of the EV hub is the Charging Map. This tool offers several user-friendly features to benefit electric vehicle drivers, including:

  • Location Finder: Users can locate the nearest charging points either at their current location or any destination in Switzerland.
  • Status Indicators: The map uses colour-coding to indicate the real-time status of each charging point—white for unknown, grey for out of service, red for occupied, and green for available.
  • Detailed Information sourced from the open-source API of Bundesamt für Energie (BFE): Clicking on a charging point reveals more details such as the charging provider, address, authentication options. AutoScout24’s unique contribution is the inclusion of comprehensive pricing information, not available in such detail anywhere else.

By providing relevant and timely information, the Charging Map improves the user experience, making it easier for drivers to find and use charging facilities.

Drive Smart: Assessing EV Battery Capacity for Everyday Use

The Range Calculator is another valuable tool available in the EV hub. It estimates the driving range of an electric vehicle based on:

  • Outside Temperature: How weather conditions affect battery performance.
  • Driving Style: The impact of acceleration, braking, and overall driving habits.
  • Road Type: Different consumption rates based on average driving speed
    Battery capacity

By considering these parameters, the Range Calculator offers a realistic expectation of an EV’s performance, helping users get a more realistic picture of their everyday life with an electric car.

Comprehensive Resources for E-Mobility

The EV hub features a variety of tools and resources to educate and inform users about electric vehicles:

  • Range Calculator: Understand how different factors influence the range of an EV.
  • Cost Calculator: Estimate annual costs for an EV in different cantons.
  • AI Chatbot: Get personalised advice on whether you’re ready for an EV and which model suits your needs.
  • Charging Time Calculator: Determine how long it takes to charge an EV at different types of charging stations.
  • Charging Map: Locate the nearest charging points in Switzerland.
  • Informative Articles: Learn the most important things to know, when purchasing or owning an EV, e.g. cantonal taxes for all fuel types, including EVs.

Behind the Scenes: The Development of the EV hub

The EV hub was spearheaded and conceptualised by Reem Kadhum, Senior Project Manager for Content and Social Media at Automotive. It is a great example of joint effort, teamwork and innovation. The project combined the strengths of both in-house experts and external agencies, with in-house support providing essential insights and resources and external agencies handling implementations. This joint effort highlights the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our marketing, design and product teams, resulting in a successful and impactful initiative.
AutoScout24’s EV hub represents a significant step forward in our commitment to supporting the electric vehicle community. We invite you to explore these new features and join us in driving the future of mobility.

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