Skribble and SMG Real Estate enter into partnership to promote digitalisation of the Swiss real estate industry


Skribble, the leading Swiss e-signature provider, is entering into a new partnership with SMG Real Estate to further support the Swiss real estate industry in digitalisation with its real estate ecosystem. With the integration of Skribble as part of their package, SMG Real Estate customers have the opportunity to speed up the signing process of, among other things, rental and purchase agreements by a factor of ten.

Digitalisation is also playing an increasingly important role in the Swiss real estate sector. However, paper-based contracts are still a major obstacle. The majority of rental and sales processes in the real estate industry are still analogue – contracts are created digitally, printed out, signed and then scanned again.

Digitalisation of the Swiss real estate sector takes centre stage
The integration of Skribble into SMG’s real estate ecosystem has enabled its customers to use Skribble’s services since April 2024 and thus sign contracts and other documents directly via the platform securely and with legal validity worldwide. This allows them to benefit directly from more efficient and accelerated contract processes. The partnership between Skribble and SMG Real Estate is another important milestone in their joint efforts to drive forward digitalisation in the Swiss real estate sector.

“To provide the best possible support for digitalisation in the real estate industry, we provide our customers with comprehensive tools and services. The partnership with Skribble is a key step in this endeavour, and we are confident that it will enable our customers to handle their processes even better – digitally and easily,” says Daniel Bruckhoff, Head of Partnerships and Innovation at SMG Real Estate.

Paving the way for a digital future
Since its foundation in March 2018, well over 3,000 companies across Europe have digitised their signature processes with Skribble. These include numerous property companies that have been successfully utilising the benefits of e-signatures for their customers for years.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with SMG Real Estate and the opportunity to make our e-signature solutions available to an even wider audience. By integrating Skribble into SMG’s real estate ecosystem, we can help make the property industry more efficient and future-proof,” explains Roni Oeschger, CEO of Skribble.

E-signature: Small lever, big impact
The typewriter became Microsoft Word, and the letter post became e-mail. Digitalisation has made many business processes cheaper and simpler. Only when it comes to signing contracts does the paper form persist. A hurdle that has become fully apparent since the pandemic-induced home office boom.

E-signatures speed up and simplify the signing process for contracts – typically rental and purchase contracts in the property segment – tenfold. In addition to cost savings, the changeover also results in significant efficiency gains, saving time and money.

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