Navigating SEO Algorithm Changes: Tips for Sustained Visibility


Staying ahead in the digital landscape means navigating the ever-changing seas of SEO algorithms. In this article, we dive into the strategies and insights shared by our SEO experts.

Sarah Pein, SEO Manager for FinanceScout24 and Snežana Spasojević, Senior SEO Manager in the Group Marketing Team, John Scherrer, SEO Data Analyst and Andrzej Zasowski, Head of SEO at SMG share how one of their many tasks is to ensure sustained visibility amidst frequent algorithm updates and staying ahead when it comes to new technologies like Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Understanding Algorithm Changes

Keeping abreast of algorithm changes is paramount for any SEO strategy. Sarah emphasises the importance of utilising resources like the Google Search Status Dashboard, which provides real-time updates on algorithm changes and indexing issues. Snežana adds that industry chatter, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn, serves as vital “breaking news” for SEO professionals.

When discussing significant updates, you have to differentiate between broad core updates and specific ones like the review content updates. For broad core updates, Sarah stresses the need to focus on the overall quality and user experience of the website. Conversely, specific updates offer clearer directives for improvement, guiding the adaptation of strategies to address them effectively.

Adapting Strategies

Upon learning about a new algorithm update, it is important to understand its nature and potential impact duration. Communication with stakeholders and vigilant monitoring of website performance and competitors are key steps in formulating post-update actions. This is where a close collaboration within the SEO team is crucial, to analyse metrics and devise action plans. 

Reflecting on past experiences, Sarah and Snežana underscore the importance of laying a strong foundation in SEO strategy to mitigate the impact of algorithm updates. They also highlight the evolving nature of SEO best-practices and how certain changes or aspects require a complete strategy overhaul. This is why monitoring and flexibility are key factors when it comes to successfully implementing SEO plans.

Monitoring and Analysis

To differentiate between algorithmic fluctuations and other factors affecting SEO performance, close monitoring and collaboration with product teams is not only important but absolutely necessary. Gathering comprehensive data in the website performance will give you an idea of the severity of fluctuations. Snežana points out that over time, your experience as an SEO manager will also help you discern normal fluctuations from potential algorithmic impacts. You develop a kind of internal alarm bell, if you will.

Sustaining Visibility

Maintaining sustained visibility amid algorithm changes requires adherence to Google guidelines and cross-departmental awareness of SEO impacts. Both experts emphasise the importance of long-term strategies aligned with Google guidelines and proactive monitoring of search trends.

Short-term adjustments should align with long-term strategies to ensure consistency and effectiveness. Sarah and Snežana stress the fact, that short-term changes are supplementary and should not deviate from the overarching SEO strategy.

Resources for Staying Informed

For staying abreast of SEO best practices and algorithm updates, Sarah recommends official sources like the Google Search Central Blog, alongside industry publications like Search Engine Land and blogs by SEO specialists. Snežana suggests utilising LinkedIn for insightful case studies and discussions from SEO experts and companies, since they offer a real-time insight into changes and what is affecting other websites and experts.

In conclusion, navigating SEO algorithm changes requires a proactive approach, continuous learning, and collaboration across teams. By leveraging insights from experts like Sarah and Snežana, businesses can adapt their strategies to maintain visibility and relevance in the digital realm. A thanks goes out to both for providing us with a snippet of their vast SEO expertise.

And what about SGE?

In anticipation of the potential impact of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), the SEO team has been actively engaged in Impact Analysis Prep (IAP). This initiative aims to swiftly gauge the business’s response to SGE and determine its effects on various marketing channels and website segments shortly after its launch.

One of the measures the team is considering or already implementing within the frame of Impact Analysis Prep is the development of analyses and statistical models. These tools are designed to estimate the short-term and medium-term impact of SGE on key metrics across all SMG brands. By leveraging these models, the team aims to gain insights into how SGE influences the performance of SMG platforms and tailor strategies accordingly. Our SMG teams are diligently monitoring the development of Google’s SGE and conducting thorough analyses to anticipate its impact. This process involves risk assessments and the identification of potential growth opportunities.

Ensuring Preparedness

Readiness at the Business Units level is key, which is why workshops have been conducted to increase awareness among stakeholders. These workshops serve as forums for discussing the implications of SGE and formulating effective countermeasures. Priority areas for action include enhancing technical excellence, optimising for semantic search, and strengthening brand entities.

By taking a proactive approach to Impact Analysis Prep and actively involving Business Units in the preparation process, we aim to navigate the challenges posed by SGE effectively and seize opportunities for growth in the evolving landscape of Google Search.

Last but not Least

In conclusion, navigating the ever-changing seas of SEO algorithms demands a proactive approach, continuous learning, and collaboration across teams. Through the insights shared by our SEO experts, Sarah Pein, Snežana Spasojević, John Scherrer, and Andrzej Zasowski, businesses can adapt their strategies to maintain visibility and relevance online. Their expertise and dedication have provided us with a glimpse into the intricate world of SEO management and as we prepare to navigate the evolving landscape of Google Search, we commit to adapt and thrive.

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