SMG simplifies its structure to invest in growth and innovation


The SMG Swiss Marketplace Group is aiming to boost its growth and innovation with a strategic initiative. Various measures are intended to save a double-digit million amount by the end of 2026 and reinvest this in growth-oriented areas.

In November 2021, Scout24 Switzerland and TX Markets successfully merged to form SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd. Following a period of consolidation, SMG has now decided to hone the company’s strengths via a strategic initiative. This is scheduled to run until the end of 2026 and aims to put the company on a more effective, more forward-looking footing. In so doing, SMG aims to secure its long-term competitiveness vis-à-vis national and international stakeholders amidst a dynamic and challenging environment and to meet the growing demands of the market.

Numerous measures have been planned for the next three years as part of the initiative, which are intended to streamline the organisation and, in turn, to accelerate sales growth. Overall, a double-digit million amount shall be saved and reinvested in the growth initiatives that have been set out. 

The organisational structure is to be shaped more efficiently along the business and growth areas, which could lead to a reduction of around 80 full-time positions in individual departments by the end of 2026. At the same time, new posts will be created for the defined growth areas, meaning that the Group’s net workforce is expected to increase slightly. Even though staff reductions in these areas are to be achieved as far as possible by natural attrition, layoffs are unlikely to be avoided.  The reorganisation could result in 39 redundancies in April; these mainly concern Group functions within Switzerland. The final decisions will be taken in accordance with the consultation procedure laid down by law. SMG takes its responsibility towards its employees very seriously and will offer a voluntary social plan to all employees affected. 

Christoph Tonini, CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors, commented on the project: “Together, we have laid very sound foundations since the start of the joint venture. Given the highly competitive market dynamics, shaped by strong national and international stakeholders, and rapid technological advancements, we recognise the need to position our organisation for the future – and to do so now. We are simplifying our structures and creating a scalable organisation so we can deploy investment and AI to continuously develop our platforms for the benefit of our users and customers.”

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