Streamlining Brand Consistency: A Deep Dive into the Management of Digital Brands


Maintaining a consistent brand identity across diverse sectors can be a complex task.

At SMG, a tech company managing a portfolio of 16 digital brands spanning real estate, secondhand e-commerce, automotive, and finance & insurance, brand and asset management is a critical aspect of our operations. In this article, we explore the significance of the management of digital brands, the tools we employ, and the challenges and benefits associated with ensuring brand consistency across multiple touchpoints.

How to Manage Digital Brands?

Orchestrating brand elements across diverse digital channels is the essence of digital brand and asset management. We stress the importance of following brand guidelines and ensuring convenient access to essential design elements. Given the diversity of our brands, maintaining consistent application across channels requires a centralized approach. The coordination required to manage 16 distinct brands across various teams highlights the need for a robust brand management system.

Central Brand Hub

To fulfill this requirement, SMG employs a web-based brand management system as the central hub for all brands. It integrates both brand strategy and design, encompassing elements like brand core, values, logos, and design components for each brand. Brand design renders the brand tangible and distinctive, imbuing it with a unique style, encompassing non-visual aspects like tone of voice tailored to the target audience.

This centralized repository guarantees swift and convenient access to assets, promoting uniform brand application across diverse platforms and activities.

Brand Strategy

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Brand Core

Brand Values

Brand Positioning

Brand Design

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Design Elements


Tone of Voice

Crafting Cohesiveness

Brand management consistency extends beyond aesthetics; it significantly impacts business outcomes. Research shows that inconsistent brand experiences frustrate customers, with many perceiving brand content as inauthentic or weak. SMG acknowledges that each touchpoint is a chance to foster brand trust. A consistently managed brand emerges as a pivotal catalyst for organizational growth.

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A robust foundation for digital brand management lies in clear strategic content. Addressing fundamental questions about brand values and unique positioning establishes the groundwork for effective brand design.

Graphic elements such as logos and colors, coupled with the brand’s tone of voice, breathe life into the strategic framework. This guarantees a cohesive brand presence across various touchpoints.

Harmony in a Multibrand Universe

At SMG, we endeavor to ensure effortless access to brand elements through a centralized platform for content and collaboration. Furthermore, we advocate for brand compliance to uphold consistency. By providing up-to-date guidelines and a user-friendly interface, we enable efficient brand application—a critical aspect when managing a diverse portfolio of 16 brands.

The primary challenge in digital brand management is the accurate application of the brand. To tackle this, SMG conducts onboarding sessions for both internal and external stakeholders. The centralized tool streamlines this process by ensuring that all users access identical and essential brand information, minimizing the risk of inconsistent brand representation.

Streamlining Success

Access to up-to-date brand materials is not limited to marketers and designers alone. From internal communications to sales and team presentations, everyone should know where to locate the materials for correct brand application. Our web-based brand management system empowers users across various functions by offering swift and easy access to brand content. This guarantees consistency, enhancing efficiency and saving time in project execution for users in any role.

Seamless integration with popular applications like Figma, Magnolia, WordPress, and various Adobe products simplifies adherence to brand guidelines. This interoperability streamlines workflows, ensuring effortless access to brand libraries for a more efficient collaborative process.

Digital Brand Mastery

In a digital era where brand presence is pivotal, SMG’s approach to digital brand management exemplifies the commitment to ensuring consistent, authentic, and impactful brand experiences across diverse sectors. As we navigate the challenges of managing 16 unique brands, the centralization and efficiency offered by digital brand management tools prove indispensable in shaping and sustaining our brand legacy.

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