The Art of Giving Back: #RicardoForGood


At SMG we specialize in online marketplaces - one of them is Ricardo. Part of General Marketplaces, it is unique in our portfolio with its auction system and is known for its commitment to sustainability and charitable activities.

Ricardo is not just about transactions – it is about creating unforgettable experiences for a good cause. This is where #RicardoForGood takes center stage.

Auctioning Emotions: The Power of #RicardoForGood

#RicardoForGood is a testament to Ricardo’s commitment to supporting charitable causes. With the help of athletes, artists, and other partners, Ricardo enables them to auction off their emotional possessions embedded in unique experiences. In the realm of #RicardoForGood, every story has a purpose.

Each auction series starts at CHF 1, so everyone who wishes to bid can partake. It also needs to have a compelling narrative. This needs to resonate with the auctioneers, Ricardo’s unique branding, as well as the specific user community Ricardo has fostered over the years. As always, at the heart of these stories is the cause.

Ricardo provides unwavering support to partners before, during, and after auctions. The skilled team’s expertise and 3,000+ auctions’ experience ensure success. Additionally, over CHF 1.5 million has been donated to charitable causes, further enhancing #RicardoForGood auctions’ impact.

  • The Ricardo team creates specific landing pages for the auction series
  • Technical support during the auctions and fully free usage of the platform, to make sure all the money goes to the respective charity
  • The creation and coordination of communication plans, leveraging the network out experts have within SMG and outside of the company
  • Communication within Ricardo’s own media network

Additionally, Ricardo provides a set of onsite and own channel exposure to increase the project’s reach amongst the general Ricardo community and targeted subgroups. Spreading the word is key!
The recent collaboration with the Swiss Post and digitalswitzerland, which led to the auctions of Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0, exemplifies this commitment to the greater good!

Bidding for Good

On May 2nd, 2023, the Swiss Post unveiled the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 – a creation that emerged from the union of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression during the Swiss Digital Days 2022. This innovative crypto stamp celebrates the essence of artificial intelligence and holds immense emotional value. In an exciting twist, Ricardo was delighted to announce that 13 limited-edition versions of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 were going to be available to auction. All in the name of supporting meaningful causes.

From June 15th to June 22nd 13 unique special editions of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 have exclusively graced for #RicardoForGood. These one-of-a-kind treasures, each existing in a solitary edition, had been meticulously designed in collaboration with digitalswitzerland, much like their regular counterparts. Symbolizing the forefront of artificial intelligence, these stamps offer a blend of creativity and technology that’s hard to match.

But the magic didn’t end there. If you participated in the auctions, you contributed to a greater purpose. An astonishing 90% of the proceeds – amounting to CHF 124’115 – directly supported digitalswitzerland’s #Biodiversity Digital Academy and the NextGen Initiative. The remaining 10% was dedicated to the Barry Foundation.

The Fusion of Art and Technology

The journey of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 special editions began during the Swiss Digital Days in the autumn of 2022. Digitalswitzerland invited its Roadshow visitors to choose a Swiss-related term, a digital concept, and an art style. Through the ingenious application of artificial intelligence, the software Midjourney brought these choices to life, generating around 2,500 unique artworks. Eventually, they chose the cream of the crop to grace the special editions of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0, each dedicated to a Swiss theme like Edelweiss, Chocolate, or Timepieces.

So, why does Ricardo venture into this realm of unique items and auctions? At Ricardo – and SMG in general – we believe that by releasing these special editions and auctioning them off, we’re ensuring that these remarkable pieces find appreciative homes. All while making a positive impact on our world.

Together, let’s embrace the fusion of technology and compassion, sparking change one auction at a time.

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