Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Reflecting on the Automotive AI Hack & Learn Event


The Automotive AI Hack & Learn captured the attention and participation of individuals across our Automotive Business Unit. The event proved to be an exciting opportunity for all who sought to explore the potential of artificial intelligence.

Embracing the Call of Artificial Intelligence

The AI Hack & Learn event embraced a welcoming atmosphere in the expansive world of Automotive. Especially the enticing prospect of an Artificial Intelligence OKR motivated individuals to fully engage in this event. After all, who can resist the captivating allure of AI? Its resonance evokes a sense of curiosity and demands attention. Similarly to a finely-tuned engine’s powerful roar, which is wonderfully fitting for our Automotive colleagues.

Paving the Way for the Future of Artificial Intelligence within Automotive

The first “track” of the Hackathon brought together teams of participants who ardently worked on project ideas. Their relentless pursuit of solutions led to remarkable achievements and learnings during the event. 

At last for those who approached AI with skepticism, the Learn Track offered a transformative opportunity. At this point, participants delved into the profound capabilities of this innovative toolkit. Therefore the AI Hack & Learn served as the starting point for Automotive’s experimental approach to Artificial Intelligence. It enlightened participants on the vast potential of this technology across every aspect of their business.

Accelerating Toward the Future

The decision to organize the AI Hack & Learn event in the Automotive industry was driven by previous struggles to comprehend the complexities of these groundbreaking AI tools. However, the introduction of GPT4 marked a transformative moment, clarifying that this toolkit was a true game changer for the industry.

While AI itself will surely not replace jobs or make an entire Business Unit irrelevant, it is certainly important to acknowledge the emergence of a new generation of technologically adept individuals with AI literacy. Recognizing these developments, we embarked on a collaborative effort to see how AI will be useful to us and to align our vision for the future.

The primary goal of the AI Hack & Learn event was to unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge toolkit and seamlessly integrate it into our daily operations. By doing so, we aimed to navigate our tasks smoothly, enhancing efficiency and fostering value creation. This event marked the beginning of our journey with AI, reminiscent of the starting flag dropping at the onset of an exciting race.

A big shoutout to the people within our Automotive unit, who made this happen: Clive Adams. He assumed the role of the mastermind behind this intricate and dynamic operation, effectively coordinating the various elements to create a harmonious outcome. Assisting him in the engineering department are Christian Felder, Sinisa Komarica, and Andreas Gertsch Grover. They each contributed their expertise to the project. Last but certainly not least, Elena Sanchez Barbarroja. She leads Change & Engagement within Automotive at SMG, therefore ensured the seamless functioning of this finely tuned apparatus.

P.S.: Some of this article was written, using AI – can you tell which passages?

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