Sponsoring an Event: Behind the Scenes at AutoScout24


This article will take a closer look at the sponsoring and collaboration efforts between our Automotive division - more specifically AutoScout24 - and one of the most important B2B events in the Swiss automotive industry: “Schweizer Auto des Jahres”.

Event sponsoring is an integral part of the external positioning of a company or a brand. Not only does it contribute to higher visibility, but it also increases chances of networking and beneficial collaborations in the future. AutoScout24 is the main partner of this year’s “Schweizer Auto des Jahres” and, therefore, forms part of the event’s communication schedule. The event is covered in various Swiss news outlets, and there will also be a gala at which AutoScout24 is visually represented. The Managing Director of our Automotive division will be present on stage for a short interview and to hand over the audience prize. But first, let’s circle back to what the event actually entails for us to understand which AutoScout24 teams were involved in the whole sponsorship process. 

Schweizer Auto des Jahres

The “Schweizer Auto des Jahres” is one of the biggest events in the automotive industry in Switzerland, where a jury chooses the car of the year. All car manufacturers look forward to this prestigious award event. The award is presented during the aforementioned gala, which is attended by important automotive industry stakeholders. Another important award is the “Publikumswahl” (audience award), where the entire Swiss population can choose between a selection of cars and vote for their favourite model of the year. Last year, for the very first time, both the jury and the audience award went to a fully electric car!

It only makes sense that AutoScout24 is present at such an important event. Of course, this also means that a lot of teams at AutoScout24 have been working hard behind the scenes to make this sponsorship a success. From Marketing to Corporate Communications to Sales to Legal – it involves many of our Automotive colleagues.

The Teams Who Make It Happen

Event planning demands meticulous effort. Even with thorough preparation, something may be overlooked. So it’s no surprise that an event like “Schweizer Auto des Jahres” would require all hands on deck.

Almost all marketing teams are involved when it comes to sponsoring events that speak to stakeholders as well as customers. B2B and B2C marketing ensure business customers and users are considered while planning campaigns and communications. This is also where the content marketing teams come into play.  The team must plan, create, publish, and maintain specific content for B2C channels. The Performance Marketing Team requires briefing for display ads, ensuring aligned visual communication across different teams in the process.

In this case, AutoScout24 will be able to showcase the newly launched brand image for the first time at a large-scale event. Corporate Communications aids the event by coordinating with media and ensuring its exposure to specialists in Automotive-related publishing.

Communication for Schweizer Auto des Jahres


Communication is one of the primary responsibilities that AutoScout24 has as the main sponsor of this event. Supporting the voting phase with communication measures on internal and external channels is crucial. The AutoScout24 teams will be present during the gala evening, having organised a few special activities for B2B customers.

However, post-event communications are also an integral part of the plan. The Content Marketing Team and Corporate Communications will announce the winners on AutoScout24 channels following the award ceremony.

We have now learned that many teams are involved in the sponsorship of an event, which raises the question: how does sponsoring an event positively impact the brand(s)?

Why Sponsor?

Various sponsorships exist, yet backing “Schweizer Auto des Jahres” remains crucial for fostering B2B relationships. AutoScout24 positions itself in the auto industry, enhancing customer trust and credibility through this effective approach. With its broad vehicle range, AutoScout24 reinforces industry support and partnerships through events, enhancing relationships and connections.

A big thank you to the coordinators, Jennifer Rapin and Antonio Papa, for their input on this article.

Jennifer Rapin
Senior B2C Marketing Manager | Automotive


Antonio Papa
Head of B2B Marketing | Automotive


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